Purno Chandra Tripura

Is Purno Chandra Tripura a scapegoat?

Purno Chandra Tripura or Omar Faruk was killed last week by terrorists. But it's not clear if he became a scapegoat to deteriorate the situation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Therefore, police should bring an immediate investigation about his killing to settle misunderstandings among the residents.

TSF.BD is making hope among the Bangladesh Indigenous

Tripura Student Forum Bangladesh(TSF.BD) is the strongest student organization in the CHT among the Indigenous organization. It's even inspiring all Indigenous people living in the plain districts in Bangladesh.
Hill Tracts & West Papua

Hill Tracts & West Papua only a coin of two sides

The military must stop building Five Star Hotel and Amusement Park at Naitong Village, capturing land for new tourism at Punkimurha Village in the Khagrachari district, and implementing CHT Accord without delay.
Homeless people

Homeless people; a forgotten community in Japan

Japan is one of the developed and wealthiest countries in the world. Most people around the globe praise Japan for this reason, but it doesn't mean that Japan doesn't have homeless people.
Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo Olympic Games is going to be held in time, finally

Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in time because of strong government leadership, which is raising criticism. Still, it'll increase appreciation in the future, including among the Japanese too.

Some areas in Tokyo are like abandoned ghost cities because of Covid-19

Some of the areas of Tokyo is like abandoned ghost cities because of Covid-19. Tourist spots, shops, business centers are close. No tourist, no job and it's like an abandoned city.
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and mother’s love for their children

Mother's Day and Mothers' love for their children is non-compromising. A mother can do everything for her child but not a child can do for a mom. Mom love never be estimated by a child. It will remain secret in the world.
Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympics be held in time?

Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympics be held in time amidst pandemics and continue emergency in Tokyo is the most burning question among the public? No wonder, if the Tokyo 2020 Olympics finally postpone for second time again.
government offices run in Japan

How do the government offices run in Japan?

How do government offices run in Japan is one of the most asked questions in many countries; no doubt, the office system is better in Japan. Everyone of the government official sit together in one big hall and no extra room for officers.